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Winter Foot Care Tips.

Well winter is finally approaching in the ACT and let’s be honest who doesn’t love curling up on the couch with a cuppa and a good book or a game of footy with the fire roaring, but as leading podiatrists in Canberra we know winter can present some challenges for your foot health.

Given our feet are rarely out of shoes, uggs and boots over the colder months, it’s easy to take a set and forget approach to our feet, but we shouldn’t ignore them, cracked heels due to dryness and fungal toenails seem to make a resurgence over the Canberra winter.

Here are some Canberra Podiatry tips to keep your feet their best as the temps drop below zero.

  1. Invest in some quality winter boots or shoes, shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry, especially those folks that work outdoors in the Canberra cold, Tradies, we are looking at you
  2. When we keep our feet warm and dry, that can lead to sweating, which in turn leads to fungal nails. Synthetic socks will cause sweating, especially if you’ve got your feet up by the fire we spoke about earlier. The good news is there are plenty of quality woollen and bamboo socks now available that offer much needed breathability. Cotton socks should be avoided in winter.
  3. Let your shoes dry out after each use, if you wear the same work boots every day, putting them on top of your hot water service or near the heater is a good start, but if you get home while the short winter sun is still out, let the Sun take care of any nasties and dry out the bed of your shoes.
  4. Moisturise your feet! It’s a delicate balancing act over winter keeping feet dry, but not too dry. A good moisturiser will aid in keeping feet, especially the heels in tip top shape over the colder months and will prevent cracking, which can lead to not only painful feet, but infections.


We’ve been looking after Canberra’s Podiatry needs since 1997 and we’ve seen and treated it all. If you’d like a winter check-up, make sure you call Canberra Podiatry today on 6281 1200 for an appointment, we’ll make sure you put your best foot forward this Winter.