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Talk to one of our friendly staff to arrange a booking.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday   8:00 – 5:00 PM

Friday                        9:00 – 3:00 PM

Who We Are

Canberra Podiatry is a family owned and operated podiatry clinic centrally located in suburb of Chifley in the Australian Capital Territory.
Formed in 1997 Canberra Podiatry has grown, developed and are proud to offer the best treatment modalities with state of the art equipment and continual learning which has lead us to where we are today.
Canberra Podiatry focuses on all aspects of Podiatry including general treatments, bio-mechanical assessments and Orthotic therapy.
We manufacture our own range of custom orthoses and use a number of external laboratories around the globe, offering a large range of orthotic therapy options.
Orthotic adjustments are also done ‘on site’ and in most cases can be completed during consultation.
We also stock a range of affordable orthotic friendly footwear and foot care products in-clinic.