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Callus appears on the foot as a yellowish area of thickened, tough skin. A corn is made of similar hard skin, but has formed into an inverted cone that pushes deeper into tissue. Both of these problems are associated with excess pressure and/or friction on the foot, and can become very painful.

The cause of this excessive pressure may include over exercising, poor fitting or poor quality footwear, high arches or flat feet, being overweight, old age, and pregnancy.

Treatment includes short term instant relief by removing the hard skin. The treatment is usually painless as corns and callus generally have no nerve or blood supply.

During a regular appointment, your Podiatrist will skillfully remove the lesions and they can be walked on straight away, even in shoes.

Long term management aims to identify the source of this excessive pressure and trying to reduce or eliminate the problem. Some things can be adjusted such as footwear, while high arches and flat feet can be corrected.

If the cause cannot be changed, corns and callus may require ongoing appointments to remove them as they grow back.

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