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Ankle sprains are common from normal everyday life from your ankle giving way over obstacles on the road or it can be from playing sports like netball or soccer. Sprains can vary from a simple strain to a severe tear of the ligaments resulting in rehabilitation and offloading.

At Canberra Podiatry we can manage your ankle injuries through:

  • Referral for a scan to assess the severity injury
  • Strengthening programs to get your ankle back stronger before your injury
  • Orthotic therapy to assist in stabilising your feet and ankles
  • Flexibility programs to improve ankle range of motion
  • Referral to other health professionals such as physiotherapists to assist in your program if required
  • ndition, temperature, and any dermatological problems.
  • Joint and foot posture assessment, including visual gait analysis if needed.
  • Footwear assessment and check for abnormal wear and suitability.
  • Discussion of diabetes and its effects on the foot, and ways to improve foot health.
  • A written report and/or summary to your General Practitioner or referring specialist.
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