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We tend to forget about our feet, stuck in shoes and a long way from our head. Yet foot health is important. Sore feet and toes can impact significantly on our wellbeing, and often we have no idea that with a little time and attention the whole body can benefit. Here are just a few reasons why we should visit a podiatrist for advice.

Flat feet

People with flat feet do not have natural arches. This structural deformity may cause foot, leg, hip and back pain due to the stresses placed on other parts of the body. Some people with flat feet have associated bunions – bony protrusions caused by the abnormal pressure placed on the big toe. Bunions can be painful and create problems buying shoes. A podiatrist can assist people of all ages by providing advice about supportive shoes and treatment for foot pain. Custom-made orthoses, designed specifically by the podiatrist for your feet, can provide relief from pain by reducing pressure and improving your overall posture.

Yucky nails, warts and more

Have you got a fungal nail infection, plantar wart, or cracked heels which have never gone away? It’s time to visit Canberra Podiatry. Professional treatment of these common foot problems can resolve sore or unsightly areas quickly. In addition, correctly treating fungal nail infections can prevent the fungus spreading and creating more serious issues, such as ingrown toenails and ulcers. Pharmacy treatments for fungal nail infections can often be ineffective, while laser therapy, available at Canberra Podiatry, targets the infection.

Sports and exercise

Participating in sport and exercise is something we should all do for our overall health. However, with exercise comes the risk of injury. A podiatrist can look at your feet before you embark on a new sport or a new exercise regime and provide important advice about footwear and orthoses to help prevent injury.

The team at Canberra Podiatry are also a key part of your treatment and injury rehabilitation should you experience a foot injury. We have several podiatrists with special interests and skills in sports injuries and performance who can provide expert assistance.

So call Canberra Podiatry today on 6281 1200 for an appointment, we’ve been looking after Canberra’s foot health since 1997.