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We jam them in heels, we are always running after our kids, shopping, working, prepping meals etc, modern women are always busy (and there’s no doubt many men are too) but this Blog is all about the ladies, and we need to remember to take care of our feet too. Our feet take huge impacts every day, seriously who doesn’t love a good foot rub at the end of a hard day, and the good news is that you don’t need to pay for expensive spa treatments etc to keep your tootsies in good shape. These ideas can help your feet feel great:

  • Remember when your Mum said to wash your feet and in between your toes? She was right. Soap them up and give them a good scrub with a face washer or brush, then the most important part, dry them completely, including in-between the toes. This simple step will stop a multitude of foot problems. A good soak in Radox or Epsom Salts also works wonders.
  • Moisturize your feet after washing. Again, you don’t need to spend lots on expensive creams as simple Vitamin E Cream will do the trick. During our dry-skin Canberra winter months, you may want to moisturize several times a day. If you have a problem with smelly feet, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Your feet should not hurt—ever if they do it’s their way of telling you something isn’t right. Tight shoes can hurt bunions, distort toe shape and cause painful growths. If you wear high heels, choose heels that are wide, stable and no higher than two inches (we know sometimes you just need to wear that sexy painful pair, just don’t do it all the time).
  • Most thongs and completely flat shoes don’t provide arch support. Neither does walking barefoot. Women are especially prone to developing flat feet, which can lead to other foot problems. We do stock a great range of the most comfortable thongs you’ve ever worn at Canberra Podiatry and best of all they provide much-needed support.
  • Pregnancy, ageing and diabetes all affect your feet. Pregnant women need shoes with great support. Added pregnancy weight may cause your shoe size to change, so get your feet checked by a professional. Older women lose some of the cushioning fat on the balls of their feet; choose shoes that provide more shock protection. Diabetics can develop serious conditions related to the feet and lower legs.
  • Be cautious about having a pedicure in a salon, where cleanliness of tubs and instruments is vital. If you have diabetes, talk with your doctor before having a pedicure, and always go to someone reputable.

Our experienced podiatrists have been looking after Canberra’s foot health since 1997 are here to both care for your feet and provide advice on how to keep them healthy between visits. So, call Canberra Podiatry today on 6281 1200 for an appointment.