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We see people every week who suffer from Plantar fasciitis and other tendon pathologies. There’s no doubt these conditions can be extremely painful and without treatment, they can turn into chronic pain.

If treatment isn’t sought for such issues, the bodies defence mechanism basically gives up and there is a disconnection between the brain and the injured area.

At Canberra Podiatry we provide Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, and the beauty of this treatment is that it flips the switch back on and allows your body to heal itself naturally.

It increases the blood flow to the affected area which in turn aids in the healing process.  If you suffer from long-standing pain (pardon the pun) due to these and other soft tissue tendon injuries then our experienced team can help. We’ve noted a close to 90% success rate after just 3 treatments, and there is no downtime during the process either.

Our experienced podiatrists have been looking after Canberra’s foot health since 1997 are here to both care for your feet and provide advice on how to keep them healthy between visits.

So call Canberra Podiatry today on 6281 1200 for an appointment.