Canberra Podiatry


Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a highly contagious virus that spreads easily in communal areas. Warts are most common in school aged children, perhaps related to the frequency of being in the public domain, and increased exposure to the virus. However, they can affect all ages.


Topical ointments are available from most pharmacies without a script, and can be quite effective if the instructions are followed correctly.


Warts on the sole of the foot are known as plantar warts. They are inherently more difficult to treat because the weight of the body has imbedded the lesion(s) deep in the skin and callus has also formed. Therefore, wart ointments are less likely to penetrate the viral tissue and become less effective.

Wart treatment performed by our Podiatrists will usually involve removal of any overlying callus to better expose the wart. A higher concentration of anti-wart ointment is used to increase its effectiveness against deep warts. In some cases, cryotherapy (wart freezing) is used in combination with the ointment to further improve success rates. Several treatments over a number of weeks may be required.