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Jake Foley

Partner Podiatrist
Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) with Distinction
ASCA Development level Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jake provides a broad spectrum of podiatry treatment including general foot care and biomechanical assessments. He as a special interest in pathomechanics (poor posture, alignment & movement leading to problems) of all ages from children (podopaediatrics) to the elderly. In addition, Jake provides general treatment with particular focus on ingrown toenails, corns, callus, warts, and diabetes assessments & preventative care.
Jake really enjoys working in children’s podiatry and is currently undertaking the accreditation process with the Australian Podiatry Association for being credentialed with the title of Paediatric Podiatrist. He has successfully formulated treatment plans for common paediatric conditions such as heel pain, knee pain, shin pain, hip pain, inteoing, outoeing, toe walking, flat feet, bow legs, knocked knees etc. He has vast experience in prescribing, dispensing and fitting orthotics, braces, splints, Ritchie braces, ankle-foot orthotics (AFO) etc. for complex biomechanical conditions.
He also brings a wealth of knowledge in regards to exercise prescription for treating a broad range of adult, adolescent and paediatric conditions. With this special interest in this area of podiatry he is on the forefront of the latest research and practical applications for all ages, including pediatric podiatry.
Michelle is our Clinical Lead Consultant for Ballet & Dance Podiatry. She has extensive experience in all foot/ankle related ballet injuries as well as a focus with pre-pointe and en-pointe assessments. She also provides strength, flexibility and rehabilitation programming for dance/ballet based injuries.
Jake is our Clinical Lead Consultant for A.R.C. Laser and Swift Microwave therapy for the treatment of fungal toenails (onychomycosis) and warts (Verrucae), respectively. He also provides surgical options for ingrown toenails and stubborn warts under local anaesthetic as part of his clinical skill set.
Jake is a registered practitioner with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and enjoys working with both adults and children with disability to provide foot care, assessments, casting and orthotic therapy.
Jake is an AHPRA registered Podiatrist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) with Distinction from Charles Sturt University. He has been practicing in Sydney for many years. Understanding the need for more podiatrists in the ACT, Jake moved interstate to provide the Canberra community with top-quality podiatry treatment.

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