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Michelle Prophet

Canberra Podiatry
Director / Principal Podiatrist
Diploma of Health Science (Podiatry)

Michelle is an AHPRA registered podiatrist with over twenty-years experience in the orthopaedic appliance industry and has been practicing in the Canberra region for over a decade.

She is the Principal Podiatrist here at Canberra Podiatry and our most senior clinician. Michelle originally trained in Sydney with her qualifications including a Certificate of Anatomy and Physiology, a Diploma of Health Science (Podiatry) and a certificate of Health Science.

Her special interests are biomechanics (particularly gait and posture analysis), podopaediatrics (assessment of children), sports podiatry and a special focus in dance & ballet.

Michelle brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing complex podiatric cases and conditions. Throughout her professional career she has developed a vast network of referring orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports doctors, pediatricians and remedial massage therapists.

Michelle is our Clinical Lead Consultant for Ballet & Dance Podiatry. She has extensive experience in all foot/ankle related ballet injuries as well as a focus with pre-pointe and en-pointe assessments. She also provides strength, flexibility and rehabilitation programming for dance/ballet based injuries.

Michelle has developed longstanding relationships with some of Canberra’s prominent orthopedic surgeons and has been successfully managing their post-operative patients for biomecahnical, walking gait, running and long term outcomes. She provides many orthopedic appliances such as splinting, bracing, varying types of customized orthomechanical therapy, footwear analysis and in-shoe modifications.

Michelle is a registered NDIS provider and has a special focus in treating patients with disabilities. Her areas of focus also include neurological gait related conditions (cerebal palsy, Parkinson’s Disease etc.) , structural foot deformities and gait abnormalities relating to trauma.

Michelle is a member the Australian Podiatry Association, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and The Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM).