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Dance & Ballet

Canberra Podiatry has a long history of working with dancers from all genres of dance. Michelle Prophet-Pearson is our dance specialist and has over 20 years of experience working with dancers, dance companies and choreographers. She has worked with dancers from the Australian Ballet, WOPA, Cirque De Soliel, The Russian ballet, The Paris Opera Ballet and The London School of Ballet to name a few. She has a keen interest in Canberra’s local ballet scene and works with many of the dance schools in Canberra with their young and emerging dancers.


We offer Pre-Pointe assessments to ensure that the foot and ankle is ready for the rigors of pointe work, general strengthening techniques to ensure a strong foot and line of leg and many ‘invisible’ options that can be incorporated into ballet, tap, character and other dance shoes to reduce injury to the foot and aid with a perfect line of leg.

Michelle is renowned throughout Australia for her work with Ballet Dancers, but she does not restrict her passion to just ballet. Her love of dance has encouraged her to explore all areas of dance and improve what a podiatrist can offer a dancer. She works in conjunction with other therapists and Doctors to ensure that you are getting the best possible treatment options available.

Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss your needs as a dancer.