Canberra Podiatry

Cycling Biomechanics & Bike Assessment Setup

Whether you’re an everyday cyclist or an elite cyclist, you might not be aware that in order to maximise performance and to minimise pain and discomfort when riding, it is vital that your bike is set up and tailored to your body.

Patrick Doan, our Podiatrist with a special interest in cycling biomechanics, is a keen cyclist himself with a passion for road cycling. He has a focus on optimising cycling biomechanics and has completed courses in cycling biomechanics, bike fit set-ups and rehabilitation of cycling injuries.

At Canberra Podiatry we can provide you with a fully customised set up for your bike in relation to your feet and lower limbs to ensure that you pedal appropriately to minimise fatigue, improve efficiency and to reduce pain.

Where we differ from a standard bike shop fitting service, is our setup takes into account your medical history, past and present injuries and type of cycling specific needs (road, MTB or general). We consider that everyone is different in size, flexibility and strength and we look at these areas prior to making bike fit recommendations. Our podiatrists not only look at the feet, cleats and pedals we also address any strength and flexibility deficits you may have with prescribed programs. Imbalances in these areas can lead to abnormal loads on the body that can stress regions such as the lower back, hips and knees and can result in injury.

We perform a full body assessment to identify any issues and then if we determine that you have upper limb deficits we can refer you to a clinical bike physiotherapist in order to set up the bike appropriately and specifically for you. This is not only essential for injury recovery and prevention, but also allows you to improve your performance on the bike by becoming a stronger and more efficient rider.

We also have a special focus in cycling orthotics which can help with:

  • Burning/hot feet in specific areas or the whole foot.
  • Numbing/pins and needles feet either specific areas or the whole foot.
  • Painful bony ‘lumps’ which can be from deformities such as bunions or accessory bones
  • Lower limb overuse injuries such as knee pain, hip pain or ankle impingement
  • Foot pain typically in the arch or on the outside of the foot

The  service we can provide to cyclists is appropriate for the commuter, weekend warrior and the elite cyclist. If you enjoy your cycling but feel pain or stiffness afterwards, or just want to maximise your efficiency on the bike, call us now on (02) 6281 1200.