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Podiatric Sports Medicine & Science

Here at Canberra Podiatry our Podiatrists clinically evaluate athletes and performance.

Michelle-Prophet Pearson is our Podiatrist with a special interest in sports specific injuries and post operative management. Throughout her vast clinical experience she has developed a strong network base of orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and sports doctors & physicians to ensure a strong multidisciplinary team of clinicians to provide the best clinical outcomes. She has found much success in post-operative interventions to ensure athletes have the best long term outcomes. Michelle constantly appraises the current evidence base to ensure the best treatment solutions with her current interest being turf toe injury management.

Our Podiatrist Patrick Doan has a special focus in sports injuries, athlete performance, sports specific biomechanics and cycling. Throughout his experiences as an athlete with injuries affecting his performance he has strived to help others achieve their objectives. His specific areas of interests are athletic footwear prescription, energy systems training, load monitoring, performance analysis and overuse injuries. He has a dynamic background in sports medicine and sports science. Patrick is a Level 2 Sports Trainer with Sports Medicine Australia and a Level 2  Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). He had worked predominantly with Australian Rules Football in the past with roles in GPS analysis, rehabilitation and injury management and periodisation planning. Patrick provides for athletes and anyone wanting to improve their performance. Although his passion is sports in general he has a strong interest in the biomechanics and performance in Australian Rules Football, soccer, cycling and both rugby codes.

A number of services our Podiatrists provides include assessment and diagnosis:

  • Athlete assessment (pre-season foot screenings).
  • Injuries & rehabilitation.
  • Athletic footwear prescription (for any sport i.e. football, soccer, hockey, golf, cycling etc and for any surface i.e. grass, synthetic, hard court etc).
  • Discussing your current sports program to identify if the current load is impacting on your feet and lower limbs.
  • Orthotic therapy treatments for any sport or condition (soft cushion for hard surfaces, high weave carbon fibre for cycling, slim line for football boots etc).
  • Referral for any scans required for serious conditions (X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI), some scans may not attract a Medicare rebate.
  • Discussion regarding the use of GPS data for insight into your performance.